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Create/Claim NetIDs | Password Resets | NetID FAQs
Posted: 12:45 PM, Friday, September 4, 2009
Last Updated: 4:15 PM, Friday, April 5, 2013

Steps to Create/Claim Your NetID

Description: Your GW NetID is a single username with a corresponding password that gives you access to the MyGW Portal, GWireless, GWemail, GW Calendar, Blackboard and other GW systems (for a complete list please click here). You can also use your NetID to request personal web space (Acad) or research space or to access computer labs on campus. Your NetID will be the portion of your GW e-mail address that precedes the @ symbol. (For example, if you create a NetID of janedoe, your GW e-mail address will be if you are a faculty or staff member, or if you are a student or alumnus.)


arrow Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni & Affiliates:

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To create your NetID, you’ll first need to locate your GWid number.

  • Please note: Your GWid is not your GWorld Card Number.
  • The GWid is a capital ‘G’ followed by eight numbers.
  • There are several ways to locate your GWid:
    • Printed on an orientation document within your new hire packet
    • Printed on Declaration of Intent within your registration packet
    • You can retrieve your GWID online here.
    • You can also contact Banner Security at 202-994-0567.
  • For further assistance, please contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948).

You are now ready to create your NetID and set up your e-mail account.

  • Students, Staff, Faculty: click here
    • You will receive an error message under the following conditions:
      • You are attempting to create a NetID before Banner official start date.
      • You are entering a GWid and/or date of birth that does not match Banner.
      • Your preferred NetID is already in use by someone else.
      • Your password does not meet the required criteria.
    • Call the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948) if you have questions.
    Alumni: click here
    • Alumni may create NetIDs for various GW systems and services, including to:
    • (If you were an Alumnus on or before Aug. 14, 2011 you will need to click here before creating your account.)
  • Consortium Students: click here
  • University Affiliates: click here
    • Affiliates are individuals not paid as GW employees, such as:
      • Visiting scholars
      • Contractors
      • Consultants
      • Temporary workers
      • Friends of the university or library
      • GW Hospital staff
      • MFA staff
    • University affiliates information: HR data management site
    • To obtain a GWorld card: click here
  • Other roles within the University: click here

Note: Your access to Blackboard my take up to 24 hours to process.

arrow Departments, Programs and Student Organizations:

Specialized NetID Accounts
Click here for account options

arrow Other Account Options:

Wireless-Only NetID Login Accounts
Click here for account options
  • Guest Wireless - Campus-wide: click here
    • Request must be emailed from a Sponsor and not the Guest
    • A GW Sponsor is an existing University Faculty/Staff person
    • Guest Wireless is used for conferences and special events
    • Guest Wireless is used by guests and differs from GWireless
    • The Guest Wireless network (GW_EVENT SSID) is unsecured.
    • Refrain sending sensitive information while on this system.
    • Current students, faculty or staff use GWireless not Guest Wireless
    • Create/use your NetID to login to GWireless: Click here
  • Guest Wireless - @ GW Libraries: Request at a Reference Desk
  • GW Housing Resident Interns: click here
  • Residence Halls (Summer Only): click here
Miscellaneous & Administrative Accounts
Click here for account options

These non-NetID accounts use separate login credentials.

Web Space Accounts
Click here for account options
  • Acad (Personal web pages): click here
  • Departments and Programs: @ GW Drupal/ UNIX
  • Student Orgs and Clubs: @ Merlin
  • Student Orgs and Clubs: @ UNIX
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